Ruby Tuesday Digital Consulting is a small Sydney-based business run by expert Digital Marketer and crazy dog lover, Isabella Hanley. 

Hey, I'm Isabella!

Ruby Tuesday Digital Consulting About Us

I am ALWAYS asked about where I came up with the name ‘Ruby Tuesday Digital Consulting’. The truth is, I named my business after my beautiful rescue dog, Ruby. 

When I was thinking about starting my business, a major hurdle for me was always the name. I felt that the name of my business was so integral to my vision before I could really get started. 

I didn’t want to use my own name, so I started to think about my values and the things I love. My mission in life and in business to serve others with kindness and love, to jump headfirst into life and to grab every opportunity with both hands, and I see each of these traits in my beautiful girl, Ruby.

And that’s how Ruby Tuesday Digital Consulting (or the name at least) was born! 

My love for digital marketing came from jumping headfirst into life and grabbing an opportunity that presented itself to me. I started working in digital marketing while studying a Bachelor of Medical Science and planning to enter into Medicine.

I loved being able to study medical science during the day and work in digital marketing at night and on the weekends! I found a passion I never knew I had. 

Ruby Tuesday Digital Consulting About Us

After learning the ropes over 3 self-taught years of hard work, graduating from university and having a lot more free time on my hands,  it was time to start my own business, a dream I had always wanted to follow. 

If you’re looking for someone to help you with digital marketing for your small business or start-up, without the expensive monthly retainers that come with large marketing agencies, I would love to help you. 

Click here to get in touch – I can’t wait to hear from you! 

Isabella x

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