Journal – 01

Journal – 01

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And we are live!! Oh my gosh to say I am excited to have our store up and running is an understatement.. initially when I first opened our store I had no intention of opening online,  I just wanted to connect to people in store.. but then so many of my beautiful customers who would come and visit kept asking 'when can we shop with you online??!!' so the slow process of creating our online store began.. I was lucky enough to meet the super talented Ingrid from Vahst and I immediately knew she was the one to take our beautiful store and translate it into the virtual online world! 

This has been a long and challenging process, I had to face my fear of technology, but we got there and I am so proud to be able to offer all of my favorite brands to you, wherever you are in the world. 

My personal email is: i would love to hear what you think of our online space or which brands you love the most and why, or just to say hi.. my inbox is always open! 

I am really excited to start this new chapter and to see where this leads Ruby Tuesday.. 

Always sending love and kindness.. 

Kell x