Hi I’m Kell, the owner, curator and dreamer of Ruby Tuesday!

A place I created selfishly for myself that I luckily get to share with you all! We opened our boutique in November 2020 after months of renovating our beautiful building. My goal was to create a visually calming, beautiful space that allows you to escape the craziness of everyday life, where everyone is always welcome and a space where I could host events and foster community and relationships.

Since launching in November 2020 we have been lucky enough to bring together the best Australian Fashion Labels from new and upcoming designers to established favourites. We have gained a cult following which has been amazing and we have gained a reputation for having the most beautifully curated pieces! Fashion whilst it might sound silly is my life, it helps me get through the day, it gives me the confidence when needed and is the best way of expressing my personality and moods! It is so much more then just wearing a pretty dress! And it is ultimately about having fun and expressing our uniqueness - that is why we have such a diverse range of styles and brands because we are all different and beautiful! I am also about rocking a gown with sneakers and mixing and matching pieces to bring together a style that is completely you!

With sustainability and our environment at the front of everyone’s minds now, partnering with amazing brands who are committed to sustainability is so important to us here at Ruby Tuesday, we have been fortunate to learn from so many in the industry and educate us on how we can still love our fashion but be more considerate of the environment and resources in our world. This is something that we are so passionate about and something that we continually want to learn about and keep implementing strategies to continue to improve on.

So welcome to our RT world… where we are all about love and kindness as well as looking and feeling amazing!! xx

 ***December 2023... please note that our Wagga Store has now closed. Our little family is relocating to the Gold Coast.. but please continue to shop with us online.. xx


Oh and if you are wondering…

The name Ruby Tuesday comes from the Rolling Stones song… the lyrics are how I try to live everyday!

Don't question why she needs to be so free
She'll tell you it's the only way to be
She just can't be chained
To a life where nothing's gained
Or nothing's lost, at such a cost

‘There’s no time to lose’, I heard her say… ‘Catch your dreams before they slip away’

The Rolling Stones – Ruby Tuesday